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Content Copywriting, Editing & Proofreading

Helping you communicate more effectively in writing!

It's all about the writing!

The words you use to sell your products and services (and yourself) should be powerful and compelling.

Your written content on websites, newsletters, blogs, and documents will optimally showcase you and your business when you have:

  • Dynamic and optimized words on your website
  • Relevant and entertaining articles and blog posts
  • Professionally edited and proofread documents (including books, manuscripts, and legal documents*)

  • A website audit performed to improve the reach and performance of your site
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 Beatriz (Bea) Aguirre-Strong, BBA, JD

The Services You Need

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Content Services
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Written Content Services can include writing for specific pages of a website, creating blog posts and articles, or other written content for marketing your business. We'll work together to increase traffic to your site by ensuring your written products attract clients and customers.

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Website Content Auditing
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Having your website audited for clarity in reaching your intended audience can be invaluable. Observations and recommendations we make about your site can help you convert visitors into prospects and clients. Working closely with Lizzy Moffett Designs, LLC we review and evaluate whether the content on your site attracts visitors from Google searches. After an audit, you will receive a detailed report recommending changes that will make your website perform optimally.

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Books & Documents
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Your documents and books will shine professionally after editing. Targeted editing ensures best word choices, consistency in story lines, and readability of complex documents. Editing is much more than proofreading; it is very detailed review of books, documents, articles, etc., before final proofreading is done.

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Books &
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Proofreading is usually the last step before a book is published or a document is sent out. Final review for punctuation, grammar, and spelling issues is imperative. During proofreading, original written content is maintained, and the writer's words are not changed.

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